A Call for Democracy

Did you know it’s been a FULL year, since the 100 Litres crew started with the concept of making a water rights documentary that focuses on the solidarity between Detroit and Ireland? While we’re still in the fundraising stages to finish the production of this film, we have noticed a few patterns in our research.[…]

Its OUR Water

It’s Our Water!

During the first 100 Litres trip to Ireland, my team and I got the opportunity to join in on a local, 2-day Political Economy course,┬áled by Stephen Nolan of Trademark Belfast. After the crash in 2008, the trade union movement designed these courses to help explain the global financial crash and the ongoing grab for[…]


History in the Making

The life of an independent filmmaker is shrouded in precarity. This is why so many of us eventually give up on our hopes and dreams of sharing untold stories with the world. The rest of us, the ones who continue, are either trust fund babies, Michael Moore, filmmakers with a passion and a day job,[…]