The Ring of Kerry


Before heading off to Ireland with a bare-bones crew, my lead cinematographer (who couldn’t make the trip) told me to be sure that I, “milk the sh*t out of Ireland’s scenery.” I knew our first trip out would be very busy, but I made it a point to make time to follow his advice and get lots of b-roll. If you’ve never heard this term, b-roll is the supplemental footage that often runs over interviews in documentaries and news reports. This footage helps show the viewer what the interview subject is talking about and saves documentaries from just having a lot of talking heads.

As I worked my way around the country, I scheduled quite a few “b-roll days,” but my absolute favorite one was when we followed my cinematographer’s advice and drove the Ring of Kerry. This scenic route takes visitors around the Iveragh Peninsula and is located in the southwest of County Kerry. While the weather was supposed to be miserable and wet as we tried to capture the wild and green side of Ireland, upon hitting the road we found that every time we stopped to shoot, the rain would suddenly clear. It was freezing and everyone’s hands were numb, but for Ireland’s standards, the weather completely cooperated.

Along with the seriously stunning scenery of the Ring of Kerry, we also had the pleasure of good company. As a personal contribution, Michael “Pixie” O’Gorman, a Kerry resident, offered to drive us around and show us the best spots of the ring. O’Gorman is an Independent Right2Change community candidate in the Kerry Constituency. He’s running in the next general election and is campaigning on the Right2Change platform. You can find out more about him, here.

As I reflect on my trip, this was one of my favorite days in Ireland. Along with the absolutely beautiful scenery Kerry has to offer, we also got a great introduction in the kindness attached to Irish culture. O’Gorman told us about his travels and the times that he has relied on the kindness of others. This tour was his way of paying it forward and showing us the beauty and culture of Ireland. While it was a long day of work, it was also a day filled with laughter, uplifting conversation, and a better understanding of why so many people believe Ireland, and a better life for its people, are worth fighting for.

If you’re interested in a sneak peek of some of the footage captured, please click on the photos above and enjoy the Ring of Kerry landscape.

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