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100 Litres: A Water Rights Documentary
In times of austerity, people around the world are fighting for their right to water.

Safe water is a global need and a universal, human right. The United Nations General Assembly of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation has recognized that every human being should have access to 50 -100 litres of clean water, everyday, for personal and domestic uses.

"100 Litres" is a broadcast-length, PBS documentary that chronicles the social movement against water privatization in Ireland and the fight for affordable drinking water in Detroit.

By looking at Ireland and Detroit, this documentary will show how this issue unites across continents, and must be fought for, even in the EU and the USA.

    What We Need

    Your generous donations.

    We are raising funds to kickstart the production of our film. Please pitch in whatever you can.

    We are also looking for in-kind donations.

    Housing for Residency and/or Workspace (w/WIFI) in Ireland

    A place to sleep and work is very important to the 100 Litres production. Privacy is greatly needed for the crew to plan interviews, edit video, and store equipment.

    Car Rental and/or Borrowed Car

    The average car rental for a sizable vehicle is roughly $210.00 per week. The Borrowed Car program is an option that would save the crew quite a bit of money. If anyone in the area would be kind enough to allow the film crew to use their extra vehicle during the time spent in Ireland, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Meals and/or Groceries

    1.) It would heavily assist the film crew with food costs if a local pub could donate a meal(s) throughout the week. This would give the team a local place to meet up weekly and reduce out-of-pocket costs.
    2.) A grocery store can donate $100-500 worth of food to the film crew, so that they wouldn't be eating out daily. Even donating groceries that are 1-3 day past "best by" date (rather than disposing of them) would save a lot of food costs for the crew. Any of these contributions would help greatly.


    Airline miles for travel may be THE MOST vital donation that can be made to the 100 Liters team. This will save thousands of dollars that could be better spent on the filming and editing of the project.

    Gift Cards

    Any newly purchased or hand-me-down gift cards/pre-loaded debit cards that can be used in Ireland during filming would also help in a major way.

the team

Meet the folks behind the film
Producer / Director
Journalist and independent filmmaker, Katie Young, produced the international award-winning documentary, The Graceful Descent. While she covers stories that affect the environment and human rights, she also builds her life around these convictions through community activism and independent films.
Associate Producer
Kara has produced the Emmy award-winning aviation documentary titled The Restorers – They Were All Volunteers, Beyond the Powder: The Legacy of the First Women’s Cross-Country Air Race, & a documentary for the Texas Flying Legends Museum.
Lead Cinematographer
Adam White has won multiple regional Emmy awards for his aviation films. With over 20 years of experience, Adam has worked on every type of media. The majority of his time is spent working as a director/cinematographer with a specialty in SteadiCam, working on Hollywood films, award-winning documentaries, and more.
Jordan Freeman
Jordan Freeman is an independent videographer, based in New York City. He has been the primary videographer for multiple documentaries, including Coal Country. Freeman has spent the last seven years documenting the unfolding controversies surrounding coal mining throughout Appalachia.

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