A Word From the Producer

Meet Katie Young, the Producer/Director of 100 Litres. A Journalist and independent filmmaker, Katie Young, produced the international award-winning documentary, The Graceful Descent. While she covers stories that effect the environment and human rights, she also builds her life around these convictions. She’s an organic gardener, food activist, founder of Edible Kent, and the visionary of Young Blood Productions.

One thought on “A Word From the Producer

  • A video journalist, Alex Poucher, has expressed an interest in the Irish fight for water. I encountered him when he intervened in my conversation with a Scottish Lady, who had no idea if what was going on in Ireland. He reacted to my brief description of our struggles, especially on the water issue and how no media had reported on the 85,000 plus people on our streets, 2 weeks ago and how nobody was reporting the struggles of ordinary households fighting the installation of Smart Meters. I mentioned your documentary and he asked to be put in touch. I posted him your ‘ Word from our Producer’ he’s currently in Europe covering the refugee crisis. Interesting maybe?

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